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September 7, 2015 / Berlin, Germany

Rags to Riches with an East-German twist

Using the power to make your dreams come true

It's been a very long journey for Andreas Boskugel. The beginning of his life was hard: after losing both his parents at quite a young age, his mother to cancer and his father to alcohol, he sank into alcoholism himself. His prospects were limited anyway as he was the product of a former East-German education, that is, he had trained for a profession that no longer existed in Germany after the Iron Curtain came down. So at 25 he found himself in a tiny Berlin apartment living off welfare, chain-smoking and regularly binge-drinking. It didn't seem likely that his life would ever change.

One day, however, a book about the law of attraction fell into his hands and he knew that this law was the answer to all his problems. He began practicing it and his life started slowly turning around. He found ever better jobs and within 6 years one of his dreams came true: He became the proud owner of a brand-new Jaguar.

Over the years he has been able to fulfill more and more of his life-long dreams, including becoming independently wealthy, by practicing his own version of the law of attraction. His recently published book “Think! Different”, a translation of his German book “Denke! Anders”, has helped change a number of readers' lives in the German-speaking world. As one reader put it, “your book teaches these techniques without religious or ideological references” and another claimed that “I've just finished the book and have already noticed positive changes in my life.”

“Think! Different” is now out in English for the first time in print-book form. For more information visit his website: /327 or contact him at




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