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I didn’t exactly have an easy start in life. My mother was a caring mother who worried about her sons' futures and therefore never missed an opportunity to patronize us, tell us what to do and try to force her world view upon us. She was often short-tempered which meant she would frequently beat us.Our father did the opposite: he simply neglected us completely! I can’t remember us ever speaking to each other informally about anything other than matter-of-fact issues. If he wanted something, for example, that we should not walk through the garden beds, he would tell our mother who would then pass this request on to us. He literally only ever spoke about things that were absolutely necessary. That was because my father longed to have daughters, instead of the two sons he had, and he had absolutely no idea how to deal with boys.

My mother once told me that when he arrived at the hospital after my birth the first thing he asked was if it was a boy or a girl. When she told him that it was another boy, he wouldn’t even look at me. I instantly became a non-entity to him. He simply left the hospital without even taking a single look at his new son!

My mother died when I was 19, which sent me into a downward spiral. By my mid-twenties I had become a full-blown alcoholic who was living off of social welfare. If you had met me at that time, you would have either ignored me or felt sorry for me, typically people don’t feel any other way about those who have sunk that low in life! People who have sunk this low are not even able to love others who are in the same predicament. I can still remember the “friends” I had at that time. We robbed each other and tried to steal away each others’ girlfriends.

I couldn’t manage anything; my whole life was only about getting alcohol and cigarettes. It got so bad that I stole liquor from supermarkets and, since stealing cigarettes which were close to the cash register was too risky, I would collect cigarette butts at bus stations! When I crashed I would literally do nothing but smoke and drink for two weeks straight or longer. During those episodes I would sit alone at home and not even go to bed; I would simply sleep in my armchair. The moment I woke up I would go on drinking hard liquor out of wine glasses; two or three bottles was my daily quota. I frequently experienced day-long blackouts. I would at some point come back out of it and realize it was Wednesday evening: my last clear memory had been from Sunday. I would notice full and empty liquor bottles around me which I hadn't seen before. So at some point I must have left the house – though I would have no memory of doing so. Had I gotten properly dressed beforehand? I had no idea. Had I combed my hair? Probably not! Showered? Definitely not! Did I stumble through the street in broad daylight? Most likely! Did I pay for the liquor or steal it? I imagine it had been the latter!

Were my mother still alive at that time, seeing her son like this would have ruined her. Not a single person would have wagered on my success. At my first class reunion rumors circulated that I had drunk myself to death, though actually I simply hadn't attended since the invitation never made it to my address.

At that time I firmly believed that I had no chance of being successful because I hadn't studied and my parents had been poor. I thought I had inherited my father's alcoholism and believed myself to be a total victim. This belief very quickly dissolved once I started to consider the laws of life and I realized that, for example, Bill Gates had not studied a profession and that a number of successful people had grown up in rather modest circumstances.

I realized that my victim mentality was blocking me. This mentality led to envy and resentment toward people who were better off. But it's exactly this hate which is responsible for blocking one's progress in life.

At some point I realized that it was not because of the world or because of others that my life wasn't functioning but rather it was only me and my attitude that were to blame. These realizations caused me to quickly change my beliefs. Once this happened, my life became a whirlwind of changes for the better. I conquered – without any kind of therapy or counseling – my alcoholism, quit smoking and began to work again. Success came on like an avalanche: I started my own company and began to earn a lot of money.

Today I'm rich, healthy and happy. While coaching I meet fantastic people who spend a lot of money to attend my seminars or get private coaching sessions. I meet politicians, TV stars and top athletes, who would have ignored me in the past if they had met in the street.

But I didn't achieve all this because I'm so great, but rather for one reason only: I have noticed that with very simple practices it is possible to very quickly release the negative contents of your subconscious and thereby to be automatically shielded from having negative experiences in your life. Basically that was the straw that I was clutching at with all my might when I first started down this road.

Today I gladly admit that I am nothing special. I don't have any unusual talents: I never got more than a D on my report card in languages. If I didn't have an editor, you would be ridiculing all my mistakes here. But, as you can see, it's nevertheless possible to become a bestselling author! I don't think that I am particularly clever, but I am stubborn! I have simply persistently held on to my resolution to continuously improve the contents of my subconscious. I still do this today, and that's why I know that my life will inevitably become ever better!

If you too would like to dramatically improve your life, then I encourage you to do what I did! It really is very simple! Since I have managed this, you certainly can as well!

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