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The best book that I've ever read and I've read a hell of a lot of books! After reading this book my thoughts have truly become more positive.
Monika K.
A fantastic book that definitely helps you get you to where you want. After reading several books on this topic and noticing that none of the tips worked for me and that instead I would usually end up worse off than before, I “stumbled” upon “Think!Different” by Andreas Boskugel. It is a joy to finally be able to read about the law of attraction without all the usual esoteric nonsense, as is so often the case with so many other books on the topic of attraction. Andreas Boskugel provides background information and puts the law of attraction into context in a pleasant, down-to-earth tone which makes the law somehow more “user-friendly”.
Sarah M.
Once you start using his practical tips, you quickly notice real positive changes bringing you closer to your personal goals. Not least of all his own stories about changing from an alcoholic living off welfare to an entrepreneur worth a million are undeniable proof that he knows what he’s talking about.
Olaf F.
THINK! DIFFERENT is definitely more consistent than other books on this topic. Most other books urge you to think differently in order to change your life. But few people are able to put this theoretical idea into practice. As Boskugel very rightly points out, no one can simply leave the house in the morning and think completely differently than they did the day before, since our thoughts are based on the contents of our subconscious. Once this correlation is understood, anyone can quite quickly and permanently change their lives by first changing their subconscious which then leads them to think differently. Outstanding book. Very recommendable.
Brigitte S.
For me this book was especially useful since the author always managed to avoid passing judgment on what is good and bad. I can't stand the indoctrination found in so many other books which always go on about how you shouldn’t only focus on money or that tell you that you have to lead a holistic and balanced life, etc. This book lets you decide on your own what is good or bad for you; after all, no one but can know that better than you.
Andrea H.
Basically this book is about the law of attraction. But it's written more clearly here than I've seen in any other book. The comparisons and everyday examples are brilliant. I'll be reading it a second and third time: there is so much food for thought here.
Jürgen Z.
A big thank you to the author! I've already read a great number of books. But Think Different really hits the nail on the head and is easy to understand. I'm now reading it a second time. Now that I've read it, I'll be recommending it to others: it is the most impressive book of this type that I know.
Kathrin W.
This book should be required reading for everyone. That way all fighting, envy and hate would be replaced by love and appreciation and generally everyone would be doing great. The law of attraction has never been so easy, clear and logically written about as it has in this book. The author really knows how to use simple examples to show important connections. Whoever doesn't understand the law of attraction after reading this book is
a hopeless case and will never understand it
Steffi M.
A book I can definitely recommend and which has really gotten it right! Well-written and very hard to put down! This book is fascinating. Many authors don't lay it on the line but Boskugel does and that's what I think is so great about it. I think my search (for that certain something I've always been missing) is what led me to him. I've finally found what I was looking for. Now I trust the law and I will THINK DIFFERENT!
Andrea H.

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