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A new approach from a straight-talking German

Think! Different is divested of otherwise typical references to moral or religious “standards”, because the law of attraction – like all natural laws – isn't influenced by morality or religion. The author shows that many opinions presented in success book – for example that hard work, honesty and appreciation are required to succeed – are absurd, as they are all based on religious and cultural imprints and in fact contradict the law of attraction.

Also, the otherwise typical teachings about what is good or bad are avoided since everyone evaluates “good” differently. In this book you find neither feigned pity nor lessons in morality. Boskugel has thought the law of attraction through to its logical conclusion!

This book is for people who love that the law of attraction is so fair and clear and devoid of political correctness; it is for those who really want to succeed in their lives and who are therefore willing to question existing opinions instead of simply going with the flow. Most of what is described in THINK! DIFFERENT is very different than anything you've read in other popular books. Many readers are unable to truly understand the law of attraction until they have read this book.                                                                                                                                                                                  
Indeed, this book can dramatically change your life.

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